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Supplying RGX Products, Tulip, Kenyon, and PanStand Products

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“We proudly serve as the Canadian Distributor for Tulip Cooking, RGX Products BV, Kenyon, and The Pan Stand”

Empowered Relationships

For us, it’s more than business; it’s about building lasting bonds. Our focus is on meeting our customers’ and vendors’ needs while exceeding expectations. We set a new benchmark in customer care by offering unmatched support and assistance.

Unleashing Sales Potential

Our dynamic team is committed to propelling sales goals. We create an environment that motivates employees to achieve maximum sales potential.

Forward-Thinking Distributors

At Better Distribution, we not only adapt to but also take the lead in industry changes. Our team serves as your guide through transitions while upholding our commitment to excellence.

Moreover, we actively pursue our mission to achieve outstanding customer satisfaction and long-term, sustainable growth for our vendors.

Let’s Redefine Distribution Together

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