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PITT® by Reginox: a real eye catcher in your kitchen. The subtly integrated burners will fit in every type of kitchen. Classic, rural, contemporary, design: this cooking system knows no boundaries. The position of the burners can be placed from the customers point of view. With PITT® by Reginox, you will be the designer of your own cooking area.


Kenyon began as a small manufacturer of aviation and marine instruments in 1931. As business developed they led the way with the breakthrough development of ceramic glass cooktops for the high seas, becoming the standards for yachts around the world. The immense popularity of the cooktops led to a high-demand for shore-side models to be enjoyed in homes. Today, Kenyon International, Inc. is the largest manufacturer in North America of award-winning two burner ceramic glass cooktops and high quality stainless steel electric grills.

The Pan Stand reduces possible damage to the washer over conventional safety pans. Most 24”  front load washers have a pump trap access door and control electronics at the base of the washer, PanStand supports the washer above the reservoir allowing full access to the pump trap door while keeping the electronics out of contained water. Optimizes space with stacked laundry: PanStand was designed to support 24 inch stacked washers and dryers by easily fitting through standard doorways while maintaining proper dryer control access.  The PanStand is an exclusive accessory for 24 washers and dryers.  The PanStand has an impressive water reservoir capacity of 6 gallons.  The PanStand has a load capacity of up to 500 lbs., far exceeding any commercially available equipment today.  The PanStand boasts a stain proof textured surface in elegant black.  The 5″ height was designed make all 24-inch front-loading washers comply with height standards required by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). The effectiveness of PanStand is further optimized with the ELP Automatic Sensor Activated Pump which eliminates the need for any additional drain plumbing.

Natufia believes you can transform your life by growing food in your kitchen. Health and wellness is a lifestyle and the Natufia Kitchen Garden was created to offer families a holistic, forward-visioning solution to healthy living. With a team comprised of technologists, architects, botanists and chefs, Natufia has made it possible to grow food to scale all of your family’s produce right at home. The plants and herbs are available to harvest immediately for cooking and eating, giving life to your diet, and transforming the way you relate to your food.